Welcome to The IBA Teachers' Personal Website.

The Owner Of This Website..Furqan Abro JST working @ Makhdoom Nooh Middle School Hala New Taluka Hala District Matiari Sindh

Information: This Website is for ALL IBA PASS HST, JST & PST TEACHERS who were selected by Institute of Business And Administration Sukkur Test and were appointed in their own Districts. All IBA Pass teachers are well qualified and they are working sincerily @ their elected Government Schools.


Why I have decided to make this Website? Only becasue of my Friend Mr. Shahid Hussain Vistro who demanded me once to make a website in which there must be information about IBA Teachers. Some of my IBA Friends also suggest me to do that, so finaly I took that step.


Why This website is completed? Only because of Mr. Shahid Hussain Vistro who sent me the Names Of C.E.C Members and All The District Chairmen and Action Committee Members' Names and their Contact Numbers. Thanx Shahid Bha.


Inshahllah I will try to make it colourfull and more informative. For that I need the Support of all of you.